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  • Start of regular season: underway

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  • The pre-season is underway

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Welcome to Calgary Puck Hockey League

This is a SIM league for hockey based on the 'SimonT Simulator' . The league has 30 teams divided into two conferences, and six divisions - matching the NHL's current alignment

Only serious GMs should apply to this league. What I mean by 'serious' is this: GMs will be expected to show active interest in their team, and this league. They are encouraged to make trades, edit lines, pick rivalries (if they don't appear on their own), participate in drafts, and provide press releases on occasion. This is a fun league, but GMs are the key to making it fun.

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Grant Farhall (aka Jiri Hrdina) - Simulator, Site Updates, general questions

Kris Fernet (aka KevanGuy) - Simulator, Site Updates, general questions

Cameron Schuler (aka Fire) - Developer, Technical Web support, general questions

Darren Linn (aka transplant99) - Developer, Rules, general questions

Dayel Peterson (aka Cheese) - Developer

Jeff Philipoff (aka flambers) - UFAs, RFAs, Site Updates, general questions

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