Name: Kessel, Phil
Team: Washington Capitals
Age: 33
Position: LW
Contract: $7.00 for 1 year 1W
League: CPHL link: Click Here! link: NA link: NA

Past Trades

Toronto Maple Leafs

Columbus Blue Jackets

  1. Kessel, Phil (LW)
  2. Bobrovsky, Sergei (G)
  3. Campbell, Jack (G)
  1. Eberle, Jordan (RW)
  2. Holtby, Braden (G)
Money:  Toronto Maple Leafs sends Columbus Blue Jackets $1.57 million for the 2020-21 season

Washington Capitals

Columbus Blue Jackets

  1. Miller, Colin (D)
  2. Anderson, Joey (RW)
  1. Kessel, Phil (LW)
  2. Fortier, Maxime (RW)
Money:  Columbus Blue Jackets sends Washington Capitals $6.25 million for the 2020-21 season
Terms:  WSH to send CBJ a 2021 2nd Round Pick by the 2021 Draft