Name: Holden, Nick
Team: UFA
Age: 34
Position: D
Contract: $0.00 for 0 year 1W
League: CPHL link: Click Here! link: NA link: NA

Past Trades

Minnesota Wild

St. Louis Blues

  1. Holden, Nick (D)
Terms:  Picks 44 and 45 to Minny, pick 74 to St. Loo

Toronto Maple Leafs

St. Louis Blues

  1. Staal, Jordan (C)
  2. Krug, Torey (D)
  3. 2021 4th Round Draft Choice (tor)
  1. Backstrom, Nicklas (C)
  2. Holden, Nick (D)
Money:  Toronto Maple Leafs sends St. Louis Blues $1.25 million for the 2020-21 season