Name: Kucherov, Nikita
Team: Nashville Predators
Age: 30
Position: RW
Contract: $7.50 for 1 year 2W
League: CPHL link: Click Here! link: Click Here! link: Click Here!

Past Trades

Colorado Avalanche

New Jersey Devils

  1. Miller, J.T. (RW)
  2. Kucherov, Nikita (RW)
  1. Rantanen, Mikko (RW)
Money:  Colorado Avalanche sends New Jersey Devils $4.00 million for the 2022-23 season

New Jersey Devils

Nashville Predators

  1. Kucherov, Nikita (RW)
  1. Patrick, Nolan (C)
  2. 2025 1st Round Draft Choice (mon)
Terms:  134, 94 from NJ to NAS