Name: Point, Brayden
Team: Vancouver Canucks
Age: 25
Position: C
Contract: $6.00 for 0 year 2W
League: CPHL link: Click Here! link: NA link: NA

Past Trades

Detroit Red Wings

Montreal Canadiens

  1. Landeskog, Gabriel (LW)
  2. Point, Brayden (C)
  1. Hall, Taylor (LW)
  2. Seguin, Tyler (RW)
  3. 2021 2nd Round Draft Choice (la)
Terms:  Detroit sends picks 87 and 128 in the 2020 draft to Montreal.

Vancouver Canucks

Montreal Canadiens

  1. Dubois, Pierre-Luc (C)
  1. Point, Brayden (C)